Louisiana WE NEED YOU!

🌿🍃 We ABSOLUTELY need advocates that are in Louisiana (Gonzales, LA) to attend for a hearing of final voting April 10th! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!! 🍃🌿 LOUISIANA PEOPLE especially and EVERYONE else, please continue sending in your testimonies to your state reps and the AKA. To gather for future fights it’s easiest to just typeContinue reading “Louisiana WE NEED YOU!”

Harm Reduction

We all know that cars are dangerous. So to reduce damage, you put on your seat belt, we check our cars maintenance, and we’re also aware that sometimes there will be accidents. Harm Reduction is a public health strategy for reducing the negative consequences of activities just like addiction and illicit substance use. While abstinenceContinue reading “Harm Reduction”

Mississippi & Louisiana – Protect Kratom

From The American Kratom Association Ban Issues: Mississippi and Localities in Louisiana The AKA is working hard in Mississippi but wanted to make everyone aware of the potential for a ban there, and ongoing problems in regions of Louisiana. The AKA legislative team has recently visited and testified at hearings in Mississippi and Louisiana, andContinue reading “Mississippi & Louisiana – Protect Kratom”

Protect Kratom – MISSISSIPPI! – 10/14/22

“Mississippi may join Alabama in banning Kratom” Find the article here 👇 https://www.wtva.com/news/mississippi-may-join-alabama-as-a-state-banning-kratom/article_9e188f9e-4bb8-11ed-9d2d-d7f16e34b4bb.html From the article: “There are signs Mississippi may join Alabama in banning the substance Kratom. The Associated Press reports that the Mississippi Legislature could ban the substance, which can cause the effects of a stimulant and sedative. The U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationContinue reading “Protect Kratom – MISSISSIPPI! – 10/14/22”

Tennessee 🍃 Protect Kratom

Tell Tennessee House Representatives Don’t Ban Kratom! Don’t Support House Bill No. 2043* Amendment Section 3 on Kratom House Bill No. 2043 *Amendment Section 3 SECTION 3. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-452(a)(3), is amended by deleting the subdivision and substituting: (3) It is an offense for a person to knowingly: (A) Sell, or offer forContinue reading “Tennessee 🍃 Protect Kratom”

♣️ Kratom Klub â™£ï¸

Trying out a different vendor today, Kratom Klub https://kratomklub.net/ Trying out some sample sizes of the: 🐘 White Elephant 🐘 ⛰️ Green Sumatra ⛰️ 🚨 Red Maeng Da 🚨 🌞 Yellow Mix 🌞 (really bright and energetic) —REALLY LIKED THIS ONE! Kratomklub.net Strains: 🚨 Red Bali, Red Hulu, Red Maeng Da ⛰️ Green Sumatra, GreenContinue reading “♣️ Kratom Klub â™£ï¸”